Thursday, June 23, 2016

Toxic Players What To Do?

So this is the time in the week where I normally rant on something, which has been bothering me for awhile. Now I am going to go off this week on something that has been going on forever and probably never going to go away, but that won't stop me from talking about it. What is it you ask? Well it is toxic players. I am not even entirely sure if I have spoke to this before in the way I am going to today, but that is not going to stop me.

So what is a toxic player? Well it is the type of gamer that exists in an online game for makes the environment not has enjoyable to others they are playing with. This can happen in a variety of ways. They could be raging or chirping their team, they could just choose to not play, purposely loose for some odd reason and so on and so forth. We have all encountered them it happens.

What I don't think is the way we deal with them is effective. In free to play games they can be a real problem because if bans or suspensions happen they can always create another account and continue on with their ways of gaming. If paid games these have much more effective tactics as long as they are dealt with accordingly. Problem is why do these gamers keep poping up if they are being dealt with?

Well that is simple. We as gamers are not dealing with them accordingly. We are letting them do their thing or reacting to their behaviour giving in to exactly what they want. Just like people on forums who feed the trolls. The simple solution to solve the problem is just to pretend they don't exist. This though seems to be a bigger problem then to scratch that spot in your back that your arms aren't long enough to reach.

Stop complaining about toxic players because doing so will just spawn them. Stop giving them credit for ruining your gaming experience because that just gives them reasons to keep doing it. It is hard, but I am sure you all can do it.

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