Wednesday, June 22, 2016

It's A Very Long Involved Story

Here we are on yet another Wednesday throwing ideas around about the next list. They I started thinking that about games that are stupid, and there are a bunch of games out there that are stupid and most of the time they are just awful. Once in awhile though you come across a game that is stupid, but a total blast to play. So here is my list of stupid games that are a blast to play.

5. Just Cause 2

It is like enjoying a seaside resort of your dreams and then everything blows up like it is a Michael Bay movie. You also have a limitless supply of fighter jets, so there is that.

4. Jazzpunk

It is like a weird dream where sketch comedy takes over and then turns into a spy thriller which everyone speaks like their mouths are full for some unknown reason.

3. Goat Simulator

The game was released on April Fools and the company themselves said there were better options to spend your $10 on. It is a physics simulator with a goat main character can you think of anything more fun?

2. Saints Row Series

Anything you have ever wanted to do in a game you can do in one of the Saints Row games. I honestly would love to be at a developer meeting when they are sprouting ideas about.

1.  Psychonauts

Are you sad you are an adult and can't enjoy all the fun of summer camp anymore? So think of that, but then with the twist of counselors who try to kill you with the powers of their minds.

So are there any stupid games that are actually a blast to play? Let me know in one way or another as always.

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