Friday, June 24, 2016

Competitive Toxicty

Friday! Yes here we are getting ready for the weekend and going over what we could be doing for the weekend. One thing you could do is try out the Competitive mode in Overwatch. To also go along with my post yesterday about toxic players figured I would share this submission from Djthed. So have a read.

In Competitive mode, it's hard to improve as a player with the toxicity.

Been playing the Competitive mode in the PTR for the past few days. Until lately, it's been an alright experience despite the problems with the Competitive mode itself. I'm taking this as an opportunity as a next step to learn more and get better as a player and become more competitive. Since this is still in beta and the competitive level progress will not be saved over into the main game, it seems perfect.

Earlier today, I encountered a teammate who wasn't so fond of how I was playing Mercy. He started throwing insults at me calling me stupid, idiot, dumb***, etc., etc, and started telling me what to do. He wasn't the only one like this that I encountered, but this one stood out. Also, mind you, I'm not implying that he's a bad player who doesn't know what he was doing and, to an extent... ignoring the insults, he was right in some of the instructions I was given. If he wasn't being so unpleasant to be around he would've gotten better results.

He was right that my positioning could be better so that I wouldn't die and so I can throw out more Resurrections. According to him I was also not healing him... enough? I don't know. I always stay aware of my teammate's positions and current health so that I can heal them when they retreat, always prioritizing critically low health heroes closer to the front line more likely to take damage and all that. He was playing Hanzo most of the time too, so snipers in general are usually last to get healed by me. Perhaps I'm not playing her right after 26 or so hours of Mercy, which could very well be the case. Wouldn't be surprised about that.

But this guy... Judging my overall intelligence just based off of this one match through insults? Ignoring the fact that I can just take a suggestion and get better because of it?... He eventually said I should switch to Lucio since I kept getting jumped... Along with more insults. If I wasn't so pissed in the moment I wouldn't have hesitated. Lucio would have done better, but due to his attitude and me just generally being on tilt because of all this I deliberately stayed Mercy in spite. Not a smart choice by me, I know now after calming down, but I couldn't help it in the moment. While this all is very frustrating, I wouldn't stop trying to improve and quit because of it. I know I'll just have to tough it out as I learn the game and get better. I want to get better.

I don't think making this post will solve anything, but people like this need to stop doing this and realize that what they are doing is putting the whole team in a bad vibe, decreasing the overall performance of the team and usually causing a loss. If they were capable of holding off the insults and just give normal suggestions it would lead to an overall better experience for the whole team of 6.

Thanks for reading... I just needed to get this off my chest. I just hope the competitive community improves.

Just what I was talking about yesterday. Something to think about while you are trying it out.

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