Thursday, June 30, 2016

Some People...

So it is Thursday so now is the time I should rant about something which is bothering me. Well there are quite a few things that are bothering me lately, but one which I think is worth mention here is "The game is dead". I absolutely hate this phrase which tends to be thrown around by way too many gamers.

So people tend to say this when a game they are playing isn't what they want to play anymore. Or they are some sort of person that thinks they need some attention. Other times sure it may be true less and less people may be playing a specific game. That tends to happen due to age or the game may just be bad.

The times it bugs me is when people say it when they know nothing what they are talking about. Or respond on a forum do people still play this dead game. Obviously if people are posting on a forum about a game, people play it. Also if people are posting on a forum asking a question they are respecting a response therefore other people play the game.

I also love when people stop streaming a particular game the end of days people come out and blame the whole thing on the developers letting the game die. What it really means? Probably the streamer has moved on or took a break from the game.

I swear I have heard people saying WoW has been dying for years. Do less people play it? Yes, of course, but millions of people still play the game. It still makes a substantial profit so obviously the game is still going full force. What you need to realize is that people from all over the world are not you. So just because you say a game is dying doesn't mean people will all of the sudden people will stop playing.

Sorry to tell you the earth revolves around something, but that thing is not you.

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