Friday, February 27, 2015

Another Perspective

Friday! One week has passed since The Order:1886 has got into our gaming hands. While I have enjoyed playing through the game. I was left wanting more. So to me if the game was bad I would want it to be over and done with. Now I have received a lot of feedback on my various posts regarding the game, but for this week's Reader Post I think I would leave it to Thorn to give you his take on the game.

I don't know what all the negativity is about with this game, I swear alot of people (Including some reviewers) haven't even played the game or have not played enough of it and have just jumped on the pre-release uncalled-for negativity train!    Especially the American reviewers on the so called 'reputable' gaming sites like Gamespot and IGN, if its not a COD or BF clone made in the US then they don't want to know about it especially if it isn't related to a Microsoft console.   It's like Sony are the enemy and anything that is created for the Playstation is evil.

My feel of the game?    Been playing it for 5 hours (The total amount of time that some idiot concluded it took him to the complete the whole game pre-release) and I am only up to chapter 2!    I don't get it, how do some people play these games?  Power-game through from point A to B like a robot without exploring or taking their time to admire the amazing detail the devs have put into this remarkable game?   Then they complain it is boring and too short and make sure everyone knows how they feel?      

So far I think the game is great,  the mechanics work nicely, the charachters are exceptionally well done and thaught out, the graphics as others have stated are probably the best released on any console to date, and the sound is a perfect fit for a game set in this time period!   It's also quite scary in certain spots, I won't give spoilers but the hospital section is pretty creepy and the graphics and animations just make it even more so!

I am having a blast so far, I would rate it a 8.5/10 with only points deducted for the black bar up top and bottom of the screen.  Seriously if you haven't played the game,  please don't comment or Troll until you do.

Thank you to Thorn and everyone else who sent something in. This would not even remotely possible if all of you weren't the passionate gamers that you are and want you voice heard so thank you and enjoy your weekend!

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