Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ask Gauss

Well here we are the Sunday after Valentines. Hope everyone enjoyed it no matter if you choose to celebrate or keep away from the commercialization. Regardless if you are in recovery from fun or anger it is Sunday and it is time to get to the questions.

So I recently saw an article on the forums about how Broxigar really isn't that great of a warrior in terms of Lore, and would "struggle" against some of the others throughout Warcrafts history. Any thoughts?

Well as you probably know I am a pro Brox guy. Now yes I understand that he wielded an axe enchanted by a demigod. It was made to light, but as hard as diamond. So yes it was probably the axe which was the reason it did damage to Sargeras. Now with that in mind let's not forget what happened before that moment. He killed enough demons to be standing on a mountain of corpses and was still fighting them. Yes he created a MOUNTAIN of corpses. Magic axe or not you have to know how to use something. Not to mention Sargeras upon seeing the carnage he had caused remarked about his skills and that is when Broxigar swung and damaged the fallen titan. Every "best warrior ever" talk in Warcraft's history always needs to include talk of Brox.

Should there be Hero bans in Heroes of the Storm?

I know people are trying to make Heroes as close to the other MOBAs they have played. Now do I think bans are a good idea? Truthfully not really. The reasons they exists is because it means Heroes are just better for the group then anyone else. If this is the case it means the game isn't balanced correctly. Sure some groups will do better against others, but making it so certain Heroes are not available doesn't promote the community to change their approach to the game. It just avoids situations which the team doesn't want to deal with. I think allowing the community to come up with solutions to confront combos is really what competitive gaming is all about.

What game do you think needs a sequel?

Well we have a list for Wednesday now don't we?

There they are the question choices for the week. Hope you all enjoyed it, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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