Thursday, February 19, 2015

Decline Of Sports Games

There was a time every year when I would be excited for the new iteration of a Sports game. I would be waiting and waiting checking out what the new features would be and I would buy it one day or another and would really enjoy playing the hell out of it.

Now at first I wasn't sure what changed, but truthfully I could never in my right mind spend money on a Sports game. I thought this might just be how my gaming habits might have changed and I appreciate a game wiht more involved story, mechanics, and so on and so forth. After all I still check out my favourite teams from various sports so it is not like I have disinterest in the sport itself.

Then it got me thinking now there really is only 4 sports games out there each from different sports that are even worth touching. The series are NHL, NBA 2K, FIFA, and MLB the Show. There is no competition for these games in any sense so really those developers really don't have to put any real new effort to change the game much. Sometimes in fact there are only small grpahical updates and roster changes and they call it a new game.

It used to be there was always 2 competing games for each sport. Each company would force the other to be better. Thus creating better games. Now with companies dropping out of the sports game market for whatever reason has lead to these games heading towards heavy decline. So much so in fact that at the video game awards they created a sports game category just so these games got some form of recognition.

Even the multiplayer atmosphere has got huge blogs by being removed from every major gaming competition around. So all you have is people who think they are the shit because they know how to glitch the game online.

Just sad day I guess because even though it has been happening for awhile the sports game genre is dying a slow death.

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  1. Only one I play now is FIFA and really there is minimal changes year to year and I always wonder why i buy it every year