Tuesday, February 3, 2015

You Fail At Complaining About Balance If...

Fail Day! Yes it is that time of the week. When thinking about what I was going to go off about this week I couldn't resist something people go off about all the time in really any game when there is some form of balance at all. People love to come up with reasons why they messed up and really this is one of the most common out there. So here we go.

You Fail At Complaining About Balance If...

  • You are just bad
  • You just started playing a game
  • Your idea of balance is you should always win
  • You have not put any effort into learning about said game
  • You think you are an Esports champion in the making
  • You are not topping a DPS meter
  • You are not topping a Healing Meter
  • You are a tank
  • Anything you lose to is just simply unfair
  • You never change tactics
  • You overly use the phrase "Why is this crap so OP"
  • You constantly bump your post on forums to get your point across

and finally

  • You only complain about it when you lose

There they are. How much are you failing today? Ya you should probably go hide in the corner in the fetal position.

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