Friday, February 20, 2015

Believe The Hype

So here we are end of the week and some of us will be getting ready for The Order:1886. Now I have been excited to play the game and I know there has been some reviews on it and how buyers should be warned of what they are getting. Kurator has an interesting take on the reviews that are currently out there for this week's Reader Post

So I know you are looking forward to The Order:1886 and I know you really don't like to look at reviews, but I have seen some pretty lackluster developers shooting down points from critics and then over concerning themselves with other things

The trend here is pretty straightforward: Game writers previewing the game aren't focusing on its lack of innovation, they’re focusing on its lack of fun. Maybe that’s a problem with the demos, or maybe it’s a problem with the game itself.

Either way, unless they deal with the primary concern people have with the game by linking and quoting them, they are simply defending a game based on a fictional account of its flaws—without actually discussing the gameplay experience at all.

This is hardly in the gamers best interests. An argument for why a game might actually be good isn't just over-hyping a product, it’s actively ignoring legitimate complaints other critics have had with a title leading up to its release. That’s not just unhelpful, it’s misleading.

Ultimately, the demos may all be poor examples of The Order: 1886′s final quality. It may be a fascinating game with a compelling Arthurian tale. It may have way better levels and combat than the ones that have been previewed.

But I’m predicting that all the excited, eager PS4 owners out there desperate for a good new game will be severely letdown come February 20th. And I include myself in those numbers. My lack of hype for this game has nothing to do with innovation, and everything to do with how it plays. I hope I’m wrong.

There you have. Thanks again to everyone who sent something in and if you will be playing The Order today or not enjoy your weekend!

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