Friday, February 13, 2015

The Med'an Issue

So here I was looking through some emails for this week's Reader Post when I figured I would just bring to attention a conversation I was having with Arcanevillain. This has to do with the issue of Med'an who at some point or another will make his way into the WoW story, but that time and when is yet to be determined. We were discussing changes we would like to see happen and this is what he came up with.

I hate Med'an's theme. I generally hate OP characters, teenagers and hybrids, especially hybrids that have blood of three races,but I can agree with that. We would need a guardian of Tirisfal. Especially the child of Medivh and grandchild of Aegwynn.

But only if they would change few things.

  • His age. Fortunately, he probably will be older, about 20+ years in WoW.
  • His power. Being a superduper powerful shaman, holy priest and mage in the same time is just bad. Being a mage + shaman/mage+ priest would be ok, but one of "classes" should be dominating. For example he would be powerful mage and very average shaman. 

Lore examples:

  • Thrall from times of War 3. He was a warrior and the shaman, but not the mightiest warriors of the times (Grom was stronger) and not the best shamans, he was just good, but not the most powerful of his kind.
  • Tyrande. Priestess of the Moon - a merge of priestess and a warrior/marksman. Good as both of them, but probably better as a priestess, because as I believe, there was plenty of mightiest warriors and archers, even if she was really good warrior though.
  • Arthas. As a paladin, he was warrior and priest in the same time. And he was good, strong warrior, but for example Varian was stronger. He also had some powers of priest ("paladin"), but for example Turalyon kicked more asses with his Light.
  • Sylvanas. A ranger while being alive, a dark ranger after death, what makes her a ranger and a banshee in the same time. But while she was alive, she probably was nice and strong ranger, after death - you know, rotting body isn't as strong and flexible as before. But she gain a powers of banshee, a powers of charm, haunt, psychomanipulation and probably also a powerful voice. So now she is nice as a banshee (and probably she uses a haunt and charm ability to control her people) but I doubt her powers as a ranger are still strong.

There are plenty of similar examples. There's nothing bad in being a battle-mage, who can cast fireballs, but also knows how to fight by the sword. There's also nothing bad in being mage and priest (or shaman) in the same time. So Med'an can be a mage and a shaman, but one of this should be stronger.

So while I hate Med'an I do like these fixes for the problems which are associated with him. Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Makes sense. I just think the way they made him the be all and end all in the comic just serves no purpose to WoW whatsoever