Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Weekend is getting ready to come to a close oh how it seems to flyby when you are not really doing anything people would consider productive. Useful weekend nonetheless. It is after all Sunday though so why don't we get to those questions needing answering.

So The Order:1886 how is?

I liked the story and how it progressed itself. Could have been a longer campaign just like I said for Beyond Two Souls. The gameplay stealth mechanics I can see bothering some people as it tends to a frustrating style of play that some people hate. I like the challenge, but can see how others may regret not having a choice option like a game like Hitman does. If you are curious about buying it check out some playthroughs I always say that is the best way to get a feel.

The Lost Vikings. Had a chance to play the hero?

I have played it in the try mode and while difficult to play can actually be pretty fun to play. Playing against them can be frustrating as well as someone playing them on your team who really has no business playing a hero with a high skill cap. So keep that in mind if you are thinking about purchasing them.

So you did a list of games which should have sequels what about ones that should not.

Sounds like a plan check it out Wednesday

There you have it questions all answered for the week. Thank you to everyone who sent one in this would not be possible without your input. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!


  1. List of games that shouldn't have threequells.

    5: road rash. Road rash one and two were amazing three was poorly put together and had that stupid swiss alps music.
    4: rachet and clank... All of them after number two were just garbage I'm not going to make examples because they would need a whole nother list.
    3: mortal kombat 3 with the loss of all the cool characters and the addition of the cartoon it was to lame to like.
    2: Warcraft 3 this was one of the greatest story's and RTS games ever to bad your forced to play as all the races and the PvP wasn't as good as the second.
    1: Diablo 3. Two had better music and single player that you could LAN with friends without getting caught up in all the online bs that fforced cheating and garbage runs for eternity just to progress in ladder. Three had a great story line and amazing graphics but you can't choose your stats and mix that with smart skill choices.

  2. I like the order think too short though especially since I played on a lower difficulty since I heard so much about it being difficult