Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Please Wait A Moment

So here I was thinking about what I would do the list on today when I was looking at my idea page and saw one that I have had completed for awhile and just never posted it. Now this doesn't mean it is not a good list it really just means I just haven't found a good time to actually share it. That is until today! So here it is the top 5 things in video games that piss me off.

5. Unfair Computer Players

So here you are just minding your own business doing your thing when computer players can do things which really are impossible. This happens a lot in racing games where the computer control cars seem to some how be faster when they are trying to catch you.

4. Invisible Walls

So there you are in a beautifully designed environment and instead of the devs making some sort of obstacle you cannot get through they decide to put in an invisible wall so they can show off all the beautiful area you are not able to go through. Serious there are times I actually just stop playing a game after I see this happen.

3. Repeated Cutscenes

So I love cutscenes in games. I love the art departments brining things to life so we all can see the vision that is the game. What I don't love though is if you say die and have to repeat a sequence and there is no way to skip the cutscene. This just adds to the frustration if you keep dying again and again and you want to throw something.

2. Escort Quests

Why do these still exist? Are they just a running joke of developers to piss gamers off. I don't think I have ever met someone who says "You know that escort quest? I loved it." 

1. Loading Times

This isn't as bad as it once was but it still exists. When you are into a game the last thing you want is to wait 2-3 minutes over and over again to get to the next part. It is frustrating and aggravating especially when you are reentering an area again and again.

There you have it. This week's list all put together for everyone to have a look. Hope you enjoyed it if you agree or not.


  1. Remember ps1 and the loading times? I think it may have been the only reason some people went with N64 over it

  2. That damn turtle....