Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Thank You

After yesterday's post I received a lot of feedback about other gamers favourite moments with Blizzard games over the years. Some of them dealt with specific moments in games or accomplishments, some of them had to do with cinematics they saw and were forever marveled by, and some had to do with those people they met while playing these games. That last one made me think.

Is there another companies games whose communities tend to bring people together as much as others do? I am not talking just about eSports or muliplayer games. I am talking about people connecting with one another. Blizzard games just have this way of bring people together in ways I don't think the developers ever have imagined.

There are times I remember standing outside waiting for midnight launches for games and just going on and on about experiences with people I have never met. You can talk about competition, about story, and about achievements. They are the type of games you can get lost in conversations in.

I don't think people really realized how much gaming can bring people together until World of Warcraft became a thing. Sure there have been many other MMOs, but none have them have had the player base or the scope of WoW. You hear stories everyday how people have met their husband or wives, their best friends and so on and so forth playing a game.

While other communities tend to be at each others throats and full of toxicity Blizzard games almost seem immune to that. Now sure there is people there, but when you sit back and look at it they are the very small minority.

So I realized I really don't have to thank Blizzard for all of the fun they have given me over the years I have been playing their games. But I should also thank them for all the people they have introduced me to because I played their games.

So Thank You Blizzard, and thank you to everyone, of those people, who has put up with me.

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