Friday, February 26, 2016

A Thief's End Story Trailer

So today is Friday and it is supposed to be the Reader Post. Normally it would be except that this thing happened yesterday and it cannot go unnoticed to me. This is what it was.

Yes if you haven't seen it well just know I have watched it enough for the both of us. The story looks intriguing I was wondering how they were going to bring Nathan back in and how they would introduce same. While I still have a ton of questions regarding the whole same thing I know Naughty Dog and I know we will get some explanation for it all.

So while I know some people are up in arms about this long lost character thing I am not worried about it. We will get our normal Nathan Drake doing his Drake things just only slightly older. We will also have our Sully wit, and or Elena there to make sure everyone survives and is kept honest.

I don't know about all of you but this trailer just makes the wait that much more unbearable. April 26th just can't get here soon enough!

Enjoy your weekend. The Reader Post will be back as per normal next week!

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