Friday, February 12, 2016

Wrathion, What Is His Deal?

So here we are staring at Friday and wondering how the weekend is going to go. Well before you get ready for all that your should probably read this week's Reader Post brought to you by FroSanity. He wants to know what is the deal with Wrathion's Lore and where is it going. As you does make some good points he does make some appearances within Legion right now. So have a read and enjoy!

Wrathion. What the hell is his deal?

Cataclysm - really only "known" to the rogues who go through the legendary teeth questline to rescue this last black dragon egg, right? Turns out it's really Aladdin, Crown Prince of Future Visine Commercials.

Mists - he shows up in this wedged-in zone for a wedged-in quest to introduce the PVP faction war area of the expansion. You rep grind for your faction while he strokes his belly button and then says "whew, you're going to be daddy's little star!" and then he takes you on Dr. Doolittle's wild ride to commune with giant transparent animals. The animals read off some fortune cookies and he gives you a magic cloak, going on about how he believed in you the whole time and he's not anything like his dad at all you're a jerk for suggesting it gosh.

Mists ToT/SoO (oh yeah plot development) - You find out that Pandaria is really Titan Party-Down-South edition and he eats some body parts that are probably way expired which triggers an old voicemail about rebuilding a titan, but it's like a thousand years old and they didn't leave a callback number so it's probably not important let's just delete it. Fast forward to Garrosh going all megalomaniac, he's all "who's my little Judge Dredd? Go make daddy proud!" and you bust some heads and arrest the crazy warchief. Wrathion gets all pissed off because he thought he raised us better than this, and only taking a mortal's life which isn't anything like that mean old Deathwing would've done, was the only way to prove our strength to him and show we were worthy of Law School and/or fighting off the Burning Legion.

Warlords - Wrathion's pal Kaizersoze von Time Dragon breaks Garrosh out and gets in their time getaway car and goes back in time. Kaiserroll convinces Garrosh to build up an army that can fight the Legion conquer a ton of worlds (for, uh, profit?) and Wrathion... is.... uh... hanging out at a random Alliance guy's garrison... Wait, what the hell, guys.

Why does Wrathion give a crap about the Legion, how does he even know about them being right around the corner anyways? Why does he want us to kill to prove our strength if he's so determined to not be like Deathwing? Why did we get so much hinting at Kairoz and him being pals and then just dropping that plot like a bad habit the minute we step into the expansion? Has he shown up at all in Legion so far to be like "I waaarned youuuu, hee hee hee!" before menacingly fluttering off in his tubby little dragon vampire bat form?

There it is this week's Reader Post. Hopefully everyone got something out of it in some way or another. Also thank you to everyone who sent something in as always this couldn't be possible without all of your contributions.

Now feel free to enjoy your weekend!

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