Thursday, February 25, 2016

Why Do You Care?

So here I am having one of my moments when I stare at a wall and get these random thoughts. Why do people care so much? I am not referring to life in general, but with regards to gaming. You know your score, your rank, your prestige, or your league.

Now I can understand if you are a pro player these things are important. This determines if you get invited to events if you have a chance to make money and maybe buy yourself a little something extra this month. To others though why is this so important? Do you really feel you are that much more amazing because you are rank 9 than rank 15, because you are silver instead of bronze, that you have 3 stars vs 5 stars.

Is this because we are born to be competitive? Or is it just important to those who have nothing else of significance to put on their resumes?  Lately I have just got the feeling that some people care too much about how well they are doing with their gaming leisure time. What happened to it being fun an memorable? What happened to randomly dying and thinking it is hilarious? What happened to using stupid builds and some how making them work. What happened to spelling "LOL" in pylons?

So here it is, my challenge to all of you. Try to have fun with your games for the day and not be crazy serious and wondering if you are doing things the "right" way. Do things the way that makes it fun and enjoyable and something you can talk about later, when you are not pretending to pat yourself on the back.

Who knows you might actually have more fun then you expected.

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