Thursday, February 18, 2016

I Wasn't Violent Either

You know I was doing what I do just looking at random stuff on the internet when this meme popped up. Things like this have always bugged me. Not that I think it is true that violence in games makes people violent in real life. There is plenty of medical research which counter proves this. The thing that bothers me is people who use this as an excuse.

I went off the other day about how parents the bad ones make bad choices for their kids in the world of gaming. Just the fact that I have read countless news posts about parents complaining that their was not able to see Deadpool or the fact that they did and that the company responsible should have made it more kid friendly.

This is the problem with society and I have talked about entitlement over and over again. Will kids get violent from playing video games? No more than them playing SimCity will make them become mayor or Mindcraft will turn them into a Coal Miner. Should an 8 year old be playing a game with a mature rating? Probably not because even if it won't make them into a cold blooded killer it may scare them or desensitize them to whatever is going on in the game. We don't need a bunch of emotionless robots running the world in 30 years.

So ya you didn't turn out violent, neither did I, and all your friends didn't because you played such and such and watched such and such. Your parents though were probably smart with some of the choices they made and didn't use the fact you weren't a violent psychopath as an excuse to be a bad parent like a lot of people do now.

So do me a favour if you see one of these parents let them know how dumb they actually are.

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