Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It's okay... It's Like Water Under The Bridge

Wednesday! Yes it is the middle of the week and not something always to look forward to because there is so much of the week remaining. There is that little thing about me making a list though and you wondering what it is all about. Well this week decided to go with the best number 2's for those villians we love in gaming. So sit back and be prepared to argue that I got it wrong.

5. Revolver Ocelot - Metal Gear Solid Series

So I figure many of you will think he should be higher and I may agree, but the thing is his allegiance is all over the place and I for one am not really sure whose side he is really on. So he makes the list, but not higher than this.

4. Kamek - Super Mario Bros. Series

So everyone's favourite guy riding a broom. Well I use favourite carefully. If anything you know if this guy is around the level is going to be fun in one way or another.

3. Goro - Mortal Kombat Series

This guy screams henchmen. He really is the one that popularized the role and made it something to be developed further. So we have to give him props for that.

2. Harley Quinn - Batman Arkham City

One of the most interesting and disturbing characters from comics made her gaming appearance and we were not disappointed. Her "type" of characters has spawned others throughout the gaming universe and for that she deserves a lot of praise.

1. Vaas Montenegro - Far Cry 3

Was there a doubt? For the most part we thought he was the big baddie of the game. He is so good you want to forget the last part of the game because you thought this character was just masterful. 

There you have it this week's list. I am sure there will be some backlash with this one as always let me know one way or another.

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