Thursday, February 4, 2016

Turn Based Is Not A Must

So here I am going off on another Thursday. It is almost like Thursday should just become my ranting day. Yesterday Square Enix released a video showing off the battle system for Final Fantasy XV. The only thing I could think about while watching the video besides all the great visuals and how smooth the combat looked was what people would be saying in the comments. "This isn't Final Fantasy". That is exactly what I found.

Sure there were other comments praising them for moving past the styles of old, but most of it was about how they have ruined the series they love by making it not turned based. These are the same people who are "real" fans who totally think XIII was a waste of time by only play the first half of the first game of the trilogy.

If you look over the years the "turned based mechanic" has evolved. In Final Fantasy VII we saw the first time that if you took too long to make a decision your opponent could react. Turn based mechanics make it so you can have more time and an easier time throughout encounters. They make the game longer and drawn out, and give you the ability for the most part to out level and overpower your opponents and avoid strategies which were meant to be used.

I understand people afraid of change, but Final Fantasy is not about turn based battles systems. It is about the story and the characters something, which people tend to forget. It doesn't matter if the story starts out on a linear path if it is about developing story. People hate on XIII for this very reason, but never mention anything about IX doing the same thing at the beginning.

I get that people have their favourites, but discounting a game that looks amazing and fluid because a series has evolved to this level is stupid. Turn based mechanics existed in the first place because the technology wasn't in place to do what you could now. People have complained for years that some of the great story elements from previous games were cutscences. Those type of scenes are now in the players hands because they have added new gameplay elements. Am I the only person who realizes this?

So if it is not your idea what you want for a game so be it, but don't go off about how this isn't a Final Fantasy game because it doesn't have a system that is old and outdated. A real fan of the series knows that things change from game to game. This is one of those things if you don't want to give it a try it doesn't mean it isn't a real Final Fantasy game it means you aren't a real Final Fantasy fan.

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