Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Here we are just sitting around waiting for Walking Dead and wondering where our weekend went. Before you get all crazy wondering about it let's take a look at this week's questions.

Do you feel Villains are more important than the heroes in modern gaming?

The hero has always had the most development in any game you have ever played. Why? Because they are the one you send the most time with. Their development seems slow, while a villain who has a lot less screen time has to be more memorable whenever you see him. With modern gaming story telling has become much better so these memorable moments are becoming more and more spectacular. When you think about it though it has always been this way. Sephiroth is recognized as one of the greatest villains ever in gaming. Just think for a moment how much he actually appears in Final Fantasy VII. He is just more memorable because Final Fantasy VII's story was just way ahead of it times in terms of development.

Do you ever just get an itch to play an old game, then binge it?

All the time. This happens a lot with older RPGs with me. I will be playing a new game and it makes me think about something older then I just have to. You just get into and everything you do reminds you of your first playthrough. How difficult it was to how easy it was this time around. Also makes you think about how much harder games were because you only had you to do it versus now if you really wanted you have the internet to help you along. So no you aren't weird, that is unless we both are.

So why no Reader Post?

Well did you see the Uncharted trailer?

There you have it questions for the week. Hope you all got something out of it in some way or another. Now you have my permission to enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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