Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ask Gauss

Sunday, and Easter Sunday at that. Well that is if you celebrate Easter or if you even know what it is. I know most of the time I just assume everyone does exactly what I do, but apparently that is rude, so ya. Well regardless of that it is Sunday and besides watching Walking Dead and wondering why Game of Thrones is not on yet I have some questions to answer so here we go.

Why haven't you been talking more about Overwatch?

Well, because Blizzard is back to hating me and not giving me Beta access to things. Once the game is out though I will be all over it. Just a fun concept and reminds me back when I played way too much Team Fortress 2. Also just seems like a great game to play while taking a break from other games which is always a good thing.

So after reading you Reader Post it seems I am way beyond confused. What did that information come from?

The Chronicle books that Blizzard is putting out are there way of explaining the story so far and filling in the wholes that we as fans just assumed to know the answers to. In doing so after reading them they either had the idea of Void Lords the entire time or they changed what we were lead to believe. Now they didn't change any lore, but they just gave us information that we have never had access to before, which is a big deal. Now as we get the chronicles which is more of the the story that we have played through with various games this won't be the case.

Is Dark Souls III easy?

Really how troll is this?

There they are questions all answered for the week. Hope you all got something out of the answers in one way or another. To those celebrating Easter hope you have a great one, to those not well enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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