Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Mind Of A Keyboard Warrior

So I was sitting around the other day wondering what goes on in the mind of a keyboard warrior. Why you ask? Well I was playing Diablo and this glitch happened when one of the corpses was hanging from the rafters. The first thing I thought is there is an idiot out there who would for some reason would jump all over the forums complaining how developers would let a game with a glitch make it live.

After I thought that, of course, I was wondering how someone could ever to pleased by doing such a thing. You get nothing out of it, the developers probably won't patch something so minor just to make some random keyboard warrior a happy camper. So then what?

Maybe they love the attention they get in some form or another. Or maybe when they patch something they will give you "the tool" a shout out in the patch notes. I would say not everyone is a red shirt guy even if they wish they can be. As for the attention ya I could buy that getting a rise out of people. To me though I would think that would get boring very quickly even for attention seekers.

So then what? Well I just came to the conclusion that people are just assholes and tools no matter what the cause of or motivation for. So really I guess this post ended up pointless because didn't we all know that already? Well I least I got something off my chest.

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