Tuesday, March 15, 2016

You Fail At Accepting Death In Video Games If...

Fail Day! Yes it is that time of the week again. The day you realize just how much you may fail at something or just how much you enjoy poking fun at others for failing. Yes, isn't it a wonderful thing. Now for the topic. Well since we have Dark Souls III coming soon I figured it was a great time to talk about death in video games. So here goes.

You Fail At Accepting Death In Video Games If..

  • You don't play Hardcore Mode in Diablo
  • When you die in Diablo Hardcore you submit a ticket to have your character resurrected
  • All deaths are due to lag
  • You think games where you die a lot are bad, unfair, stupid, and dumb
  • You believe Beyond Two Souls got it right
  • You "need a minute" after characters die
  • You stopped playing Final Fantasy 7 after Aerith's Death
  • You instantly go to the forums to complain about poor story writing when people die
  • Your go to is "they are coming back"
  • When it is obvious they aren't coming back you move to "I hate this game"
  • You think the Legend of the Dragoon "approach" is a good one
  • You find yourself staring at the screen for extended periods of time
  • After your "staring period" you slowly get up and turn off the game

And finally

  • You don't want Game of Thrones
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it. Happy Dying!

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