Friday, March 4, 2016

The Next Expansion

So here we are on a nice peaceful Friday wondering what to do with ourselves. Well I have just the answer, figure out what is in store with the Reader Post this week. It comes from Magik and his interesting thoughts on the next Diablo Expansion and what it will be about. Have a read it is quite interesting.

Have you ever thought what the next Diablo Expansion will be about?

I'm sure The End of Days prophecy is the key.

. . . And, at the End of Days, Wisdom shall be lost
as Justice falls upon the world of men.
Valor shall turn to Wrath -
and all Hope will be swallowed by Despair.
Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all -
as Fate lies shattered forever.

Wisdom shall be lost.

This is Malthael when the worldstone was destroyed. He went off, abandoned heaven and its status of angel of wisdom.

As Justice falls upon the world of men

Tyrael being a *%@!!%*% ripping its wings and falling like a meteor

Valor shall turn to wrath

Imperius being really mad at Tyrael and the Nephalem. He needs all the help he can have and still want to kick our !@#. We can also argue that this line describe how Imperius becomes crazy in the book "Storm of light". In fact, he only wants to murder every men, women and children.

All Hope will be swallowed by despair

Before reading the book, I thought it was when Rakanoth captured her. But, I feel this line is also tied with how Auriel acts in Storm of Light. We feel the corruption of the Black Soul Stone start altering her view of humanity. I wouldn't say she lost hope in humanity. But she changed for sure.
She doesn't see Tyrael as her equal anymore.

Death at last, shall spreads its wing over all

This is Malthael, the trailer is self explanatory :p.

as Fate lies shattered forever.

This is the interesting part. This event hasn't occurred yet. Itherael voted for humanity which means he's not our enemy (technically). Also, when demons stomp over the heaven, he seeks our help. Which means he has some kind of faith in humanity and knows we can be allies. According to the book of Cain (if I'm right), Itherael knows how the conflict will end. He always knew, it is written in the scroll of destiny.

But Itherael does not know the fate of human kind.
Something will happen, maybe it has already happened. Something tied with Ithereal and destiny. I don't think he'll go mad and try to destroy us, but the next expansion is tied with him.

So technically, if we want to find out what will, DIII-3, be about, we need to understand what "as fate lies shattered for ever" means. What is shattered? The scroll? Itherael itself? The black soul stone(not sure the link with Itherael tho) The destiny of both angel and demons. Like... nephalem become too strong and affect the balance of all things?

Well what do you think? I think this is pretty interesting and truthfully haven't thought too much about what the next expansion will bring, but this sure makes me.

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