Thursday, March 24, 2016

Change Is Not Needed

Thursday, now these are normally the times when i go off about something that is bothering me. Now truthfully nothing was really bothering me that much today. Well that was until something was. You know I have been saying for years that everyone has their own choice of games. They like certain styles and mechanics that just are better suited for their own personal enjoyment.

See right now you are nodding your head in agreement, don't lie I know you are. Sure there are those idiots that think the games they enjoy are the only games that exist. These people tend to be teenage males obsessed with their prestige and the fact that it is double xp weekend in the bew CoD game. Those people though are not who I am referring to. The ones I am raging at are the ones that want changes to games or series so they can be more to their liking. It is like that Reader Post a few weeks back when Hearthstone would be better if it was Magic the Gathering.

Sure to most real gamers we brush this off and get on with the more important things in our little world. Over the years though sometimes these tools have won out. We have seen games been ruined it drastically changed that we no longer enjoy them. 

So why is this on my mind today? Well everything I have read against Dark Souls III today explains how the game would have been better if it took out this added that or changed this so it was more like this game or reworked that so the fans of this series could jump in. You know what the Souls series has plenty of fans hence why there have been 4 games, 5 if you want to include Bloodborne, and you know what? People like them.

They don't have to please the non players they probably will stay away anyway. Why would they alienate a community of gamers to make those not part of the community happy? Exactly so just shut up about 

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