Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Shut Up And Take My...

It is Wednesday the middle of the week and we are finding ourselves here finding out what the list is going to be about this week. I figured after spending some money that there are quite different forms of currency throughout the gaming universe. So why not rank my favourites?

5. Gil - Final Fantasy Series

We are about to see the 15th game and every single one of them no matter the world has stuck to this form of currency. Also there is the whole thing throughout the games of the poking fun of "gold" as a form of currency which is always amusing.

4. Eridium - Borderlands 2

So it was an element which spread around after the events of the first game. Now people are just going about their lives spending it.

3. Studs - Lego Series

So who would have thought these games would be as popular as they are. Not only that they have remained consistent through the games, which is always impressive

2. Souls - Souls Games

So at first thought this is rather creepy, but then it makes you understand why death is so important in the series of games. 

1. Bottlecaps - Fallout Series

People hanging on to their 1950s society with something so simple is pretty unique. Not to mention there was a guy who sent over 30,000 bottlecaps to Bethesda to pre purchase the game. Not only did they give it to him, but then they also have an awesome story to tell.

There you have it my favourite forms of currency throughout the gaming universe. What are yours? What do you think I should have included as always let me know!

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