Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Because Next Time I Will Kill Everyone

Well it is Wednesday and well that means it is time for a list. Upon thinking I realized something which troubles me. I have no super powers. So this got me thinking what super powers would I like? Then that trigger that would be a great idea for a list. Also thought I would have to exclude powers which are from already existing super heroes not from gaming. So now with all that explained here we go.

5. Hadouken - Ryu: Street Fighter Series

Who doesn't want to throw fireballs from there hands when they are pissed off. Plus you get to scream and scare the crap out of the person you are throwing it at.

4. Satan - Leah: Diablo III 

So she is the child of Diablo and he eventually uses her as a vessel to reenter the world killing her, but while it lasted it was pretty cool wasn't it? She processed one of the prime evils powers of hell, which is kinda awesome

3. Inter-dimensional Travel : Elizabeth Bioshock Infinite

So she gives you potions and such, which already makes her kind of awesome, but then she also has the ability to tear into dimensions and enter others. Oh the fun I could have.

2. Invincibility - Mario: Super Mario Bros Series

So Mario can do a lot of things, but grabbing a star and being invincible for a set amount of time. Just think of all the random stuff I could do without a care in the world.

1. Spiritual Communication - Jody: Beyond Two Souls

So ya some people can talk to the dead or at least believe they can. It is another thing completely to control them and them do your bidding. Ya this puts bodyguards on a whole different level.

There you have it my list of powers wanted in order. What would you choose? As always let me know in one way or another.

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