Friday, March 25, 2016

Void Lords Beyond Comprehension?

Friday, and Good Friday at that. Regardless though it is time for the Reader Post. This week there is a tad bit of Chronicle spoilers involved so if you have not read it and are planning to I would lay off the rest of this post. If not then you should keep on reading. So what is this post about? Well the Void Lords. Now there is a bit of an error in Coolguyry post in terms of the how and why Sargeras. Sure the Void Lords are responsible for who he is, but he was never corrupted. I left that in the post well because I can point out the error this way and seem smarter. Besides that though great read!

Ok, first things first: the void lords it seems are the *main* villains of the Warcraft universe (using the term *main* very lightly here of course), due to their supposed influence of Sargeras downfall, his corruption, his formation of the Burning Legion, and the destruction of the Pantheon. From my perspective it seems that the sheer amount of power that the void lords wield is absolutely terrifying. Their existence was considered a more grave and dangerous threat to the universe than the demons that Sargeras fought, and in turn caused him to ally with his former prisoners and to ultimately betray the Pantheon he once fought for.

Even though that previous paragraph sounds absolutely insane, well it's supposed to be. The void lords in their brief description seem to be depicted as unfathomable, unknowable, and indescribable. That's how fucking terrifying these void lords seem. Their vessels, their old gods, seem to be their corporeal vessels in which they are able to manifest their chaos in a stable state; the void lords on their own are probably completely consuming, all devouring, absolutely unfathomable. The void lords can in short be described as void incarnate.

Void lords also seem to be a very lacking term for their powers. Their sheer presence is more of that to dread gods than actual void lords. They are completely chaotic, insane, and unstable in their pure unhinged forms. Due to the fact they are able to utterly corrupt young Titan seed worlds and turn them into void lords, it also seems that their sheer power allows for them to never be truly eradicated. As stated the void lords are perhaps best summed up as void incarnate and due to the expanse of the Great Dark Beyond, perhaps their is something truly terrifying waiting out there in the unknown reaches of the Warcraft universe. 

There you have it. What are your thoughts? Do you think the Void Lords are just beyond comprehension? Let's hear it.

Enjoy your weekend!

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