Friday, April 1, 2016

Is Azeroth Already Done For

Friday! Meaning it is time for me to go through all of the posts sent in and make a decision. This week I went with Mace's post which relates directly to the Warcraft Chronicle and if Azeroth itself is already corrupted. Have a read and let me know what you think.

I mean the nascent titan-soul ... from the old gods.

We know the Titans are victorious over the old gods before they get to corrupt the world soul - but knowing Chris Metzen, do you want to bet after everything happens, she's still going to end up corrupt? The man doesn't seem to miss an opportunity for great catastrophe to happen to generate a new set of drama, especially on what would appear to be possible victory. Creates a situation where you are hoping your efforts succeeded, but it's not clear. When the the reveal finally comes to confirm, the thing you feared is what happened - and he does that 10/10. Still that's just me guessing.

From what you've read so far, what do you think?

Titan's kill Y'shraaj - but his corpse remain keep on corrupting, even Ra-den gathering his heart and locking it away seems to leave an option open for restoration back to life for Y'shraaj or corruption spreading even further.

The tendrils have sunk too deep into the earth to be removed completely - even if a titan is dead or contained - they have shown that the things can still continue to corrupt.

Yogg-saron's prison has been weakened enough for him to affect and control all the keepers for Millennia till we get to Ulduar and kill him, if he was strong enough to corrupt them millennia ago, part of me thinks or at least wonders whether he hasn't already got to Azeroth.

Same with C'Thun and we know their tentacles were deep in place for a long long time before we killed them, does that mean those remains are continuing deeper and deeper to corrupt?

Finally, N'zoth - no word from what he has done all these millennia, and if he other two's prison was weakened, it sounds like his would have been the most damaged if the land broke apart and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Also it sounds now more likely that it was he who directed the naga's birth.

The emerald dream is affected by Yogg Saron at first, this is the titan-world soul's dream. Fandral's foolish efforts may have made all that effort be for nothing. Azeroth's soul is now receiving a nightmare. I'm also not sure how it has continued without Yogg-Saron , and after all the efforts of Stormrage - how has both Xavius and the nightmare returned...?

Is the nightmare now been controlled by the legion and not the old gods? to what end? I thought the idea was to destroy Azeroth not corrupt her?

So what do you think? Agree with Mace? Think about it while you enjoy your weekend!

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