Thursday, April 14, 2016


So it is Thursday so it is about the time in the week where something has pissed me off to the point where I need to rant about it. What is it this week you ask? Well really it is how I have to login and signup for something and everything now. No matter where I want to game computer or console or even on my phone I have to sign in to my specific account by the specific company in order to get access.

Now don't even me wrong I know why these things exist. I after all went to University for encryption I am not an idiot when it comes to this stuff. Now it is everyone has there own app for everything. To showcase everything they make or want to sell. It has become never ending. I actually looked at the space all of these apps for the sake of connecting a companies game take up on my system and it is kind of insane. I know I know companies have a right to do this, but now every time I am logged into one of these services I am being sold on why I should by something else from such and such a company. It really is becoming next level.

Not to mention I assume some people are smart and don't use the same passwords for everything. I stopped counting when I got to 8 different companies apps I have passwords for, and this is just the gaming companies services. This is putting people in spots where they have to use same passwords and that is never a good option for anything. All of this for the sake of making sure you know what company you are playing your games from or what game I have no interest is coming out with an expansion, or what game no one wants to play is in open beta, or guess what it is free to play this game this weekend, and don't forget the game you have no connection to is on sale you better blast that on my screen so I can get into fits of angry closing the damn ad.

So yes I may be in a rage fit right now writing this, but that doesn't change the point I will make once I have chilled out a bit. This whole connect with our games through our app crap is getting old. I get you want to connect your games and want your players to be apart of the community. If that is all it is great, but if you are trying to force feed because it is the perfect opportunity to do so well then please give it a rest.

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