Thursday, April 7, 2016

We Deserve Real Endings

So here I am looking to rant about something although I already know what I am trying not to rant about. Obviously cliffhangers have been on my mind the last few days. There are good and bad ways to do it. I think the best cliffhangers are the ones where they don't actually have to be a cliffhanger. For example, I think the way The Last of Us ends is great.

Sure it leaves something open where it could continue, but if it ended there it would still be wrapped up. You can decide for yourself how it ended. I think any time you leave yourself with a cliffhanger this is the way it should be done. People can interpret it the way they want, think what they want, and if you want to continue with your story then people can see if they were right.

The bad way? Forcing people to continue to see the ending they put the time in, not having a real ending at all, making people think they got the ending they deserve, or not sure how you wanted it to end so give an ending where you can have more time to decide on what you actually will do. All of these ways are a slap in the face to fans.

These are the people you rely on to make your games a success and you slap them in the face with your endings based solely on your future bottom line. These are the things which need to be avoided, and we as consumers should never be quiet about.

So yes this whole ranting week started because of the stupid Walking Dead ending, but it also has made me realize how angry I get when this type of thing happens in the games I love. We deserve real endings and not ones that drive sales.

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