Friday, April 29, 2016

Who Will Lead?

Friday! Here we are at the end of the week wondering what the weekend will bring. Well besides M-Ra has an been thinking about what would happen if the leaders of each faction in Warcraft were to die who would take over for them. It is an interesting question and when you think about it could lead to some internal problems. So what were her ideas on who would? Well have a look

If Anduin would die, a noble who is somehow related by blood the the House of Wrynn and has the most power and supporters on his hands would claim the Throne. As long as Jaina Proudmoore is not somehow related to the Wrynns (which could totally be. In real-life monarchic Europe, many royal families were somehow related to each other) she would have no claim for the Throne of Stormwind. Stormwind is still a monarchy. 

With the Council of three Hammers cone, Magni would take the Throne of Ironforge again, if he is not there Brann would probably the regent of the Bronzebeard while Dagran is still a child, while the most powerful or trusted Dark Iron would be Dagrans regent on Dark Iron side. Kurdran would probably take over the wildhammer clans again.

With Gelbin gone, the Gnomes would vote their best as their new King.

For the Night Elves, it could be that the military takes over and Shandris becomes the new Leader. Otherwise, the Temple of Elune would vote a new Priestess as their High Priestess and she would become Leader of Darnassus, probably with the most high ranking elvish Druid of the Cenarion Circle. I think Broll would take over the Circle and would become the Co-Leader of Darnassus.

With Velen gone, I think the Triumvirate of the Hand of Argus would take the leadership of the Draenei. It don't looks like they still have their System of Exarchs like they had on Draenor.

If Genn dies, Tess would be the next in the line of sucess, maybe with Darius Crowley as Regent-Lord if Tess has no experience.

If the Pandaren Leader would die, probably the best monks after them would take over.

If Saurfang dies, Eitrigg could be the next Leader of the Orcs, or a battle for leadership starts under the most powerful Orcs.

After Vol'jin, Rokhan could become the next Leader of Darkspears, after Vol'jin has no heir.

After Baine, the Tauren Tribes would probably vote for a new High Chieftain under the Chieftains. I think Hamuul Runetotem would be a logical candidate.

Without Sylvanas, I think Nathanos Blightcaller would be the new Leader of the Forsaken. He is Sylvanas most trusted Champion and was her personal student in Lifetime. Lilian Voss isn't a Member of the Forsaken.

I think if Lor'themar dies, Halduron or Rommath would take over regency. Probably Halduron,after he is the Ranger-General and was Lor'themars best friend.

If Gallywix dies, the battle about who becomes the next merchant prince would start. The most powerful would take the Throne.

Well what do you think? And what do you think the fallout would be? As always thank you to everyone who sent something in it could not be possible without all of you taking part.

Enjoy your weekend!

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