Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ask Gauss

Sunday and not just any Sunday. It is the Sunday which brings back Game of Thrones to the masses. Now that has nothing to do with gaming, but it has everything to do with the good of mankind. Before everyone pays attention to that though it is time to answer some questions for the week so here we go.

So do you think we will see another Game of Thrones game?

I am not sure. I will say I wasn't overly impressed with the first game. Not that it was a bad game, but Game of Thrones in my mind requires more connection to the main players. The game although certain characters made an appearance they didn't play a major role in the story itself so you felt disconnected. So maybe if they find a way to do that we may see another game. If not then I don't think we will.

Why do you feel players seem to copy builds from professionals in Heroes of the Storm and are all over people when they don't?

Well pros know what they are doing, and their builds do work and usually are specific to their team compositions and who they are playing with. If those conditions aren't in place those specific builds may be not of any benefit to the everyday players games. This is what I think a lot of people don't think about. See it all the time in Starcraft II when a lower level player trys a build a pro with next level micro does and wonders why it doesn't work. With everything the same yes, if not then don't expect the same result.

So you playing Legion?

Gauss will be ready.

There they are the questions for the week. Hopefully they were of some use. Enjoy Game of Thrones tonight just like I will.

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