Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Why Do You Believe That?

Wednesday, middle of the week which means it is time to make a list about a random topic for the week. So what is the topic this week? Well I figured I would go with the best plot twists in video games, mostly because I have been on a plot twist kick lately. Oh and obviously spoilers.

5. You Killed Your Wife - Silent Hill 2

So you go through the story and trying to find your wife and all that jazz. When you find out that not only was she killed, but you were the one responsible

4.  Aiden Is Your Twin - Beyond Two Souls

So you are enjoying your super powers going through the story and finding out exactly what is going on in the past present and future. When near the end you find out not only were you born in a secret facility run by the CIA, but that you had a stillborn twin brother who is the result of your super powers.

3. Scott Shelby Is the Origami Killer - Heavy Rain

So no one saw this coming. It was so neatly and weirdly intertwined that it was pure genius. Even replaying trying to find clues leads you no where.

2.  Would You Kindly - Bioshock

In what amounts to one of those phrases that changes when you know the context of it. Kind of like "For the Watch". This is a massive and disturbing reveal that I doubt anyone really saw coming.

1. You Are Darth Revan - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

So you hear about these awful things that have happened and how this evil guy was responsible. You hear about this over and over again until you find out the evil guy is in fact you.

There you have it this week's list all nice and pretty for you. What do you all think are the best gaming plot twists? Let me know one way or another.

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