Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Art Of Gaming

Happy there are still a few days to go till Game of Thrones starts day. So while we are all trying to distract ourselves by what occupying our time not thinking about that I have something that really doesn't get talked about much and really doesn't get the appreciation it always deserves. What is that you ask? Well that is the art of the games we know and love.

You see I have always been a fan of concept pieces companies release after the fact. How they got the ideas for specific worlds and their inspiration for them. It is like someone's imagination coming to life. Seeing how one became another is really something to appreciate. Also how the game designers can take one persons vision of the world in their eyes and make it "real".

This can also be seen through the designs of armor and weapons. Sure sometimes we get out of this world weapons which are still awesome like the Buster Sword. There are also ones where you get a culmination of ideas that just create a masterpiece as in something like Frostmourne. The ideas which are words and random ideas coming to life are to me something special.

Music and theme is something I also think is extremely underated especially know since everything is voice acted. The music still tells a story in modern games, but it isn't as focused on as much because tone of voice is something which can be used. Now we can relate the music to the person rather than the other way around. Also think this is why it is not as appreciated as much as it once was, but I would never discount how important it is to the tone of the game.

So what am I saying? Well next time you are gaming appreciate everything that is around you and what it brings to the games you know and love. Something which seems so simple is beyond important to the tone of everything involved into what you are playing. It really is what is making the game so never forget that.

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