Friday, April 22, 2016

What Is The Nexus?

Friday. Yes here we are at the end of the week wondering what the plan is for our weekends. Besides the obvious and that is watching Game of Thrones on Sunday. Before you get to the weekend though it is time to see what is up for the Reader Post this week. Well Surge has an interesting take on "The Nexus" you know that place that exists in Heroes of the Storm. Now I just think it is a random place and has no real story, but that doesn't mean others don't think too much about it. So have a read and tell me what you think.

It's a Valhalla, where fierce warriors are sent after their death, to enjoy combat for all eternity.

Not being brought to the Nexus physically; but for all things, there is an essence. The prime and lesser evils all expired at some point, and although the were reborn, a fragment of their essence was likely pulled into the Nexus realm.

Raynor was seen in the tutorial, getting ambushed by a crapload of zerg. Right before he died, he was conveniently teleported to the Nexus...


What if those were his final moments before, oh, I don't know.. A hydralisk spine pierced his helmet?

Tychus remembers being killed by Raynor, heard when he kills Kerrigan, "There's nobody to stop me this time"

Murky's home was destroyed, and he just HAPPENED to be the sole survivor? Or was he just the bravest Murloc in the village? Chosen by the gods to do battle for eternity.

The Lost Vikings were last (un)seen lost in a desert, then suddenly fell off a massive cliff. Olaf recalls waking from a nap. Falling millions of feet and you only fall unconscious? Ehhh, I don't know. 

Johanna disappeared without a trace, and left behind her favorite shield and flail, which means she was unarmed. Perhaps she was assassinated in her sleep? For Johanna it is purely speculation, but it does seem fishy that she was brought to the Nexus without her titular equipment. 

All of these heroes died or will die at some point, and have been called to the realm of the Nexus to battle for glory and honor in the afterlife. However, not all heroes were cut down in their prime.

Heroes called to the Nexus are brought back to their prime time of vigor and strength. Tyrael? He's fighting in his angelic form.

Actually, Tyrael, Diablo, and Azmodan are all assuming the form they had when they were first slain.

Makes sense.

So what are you thoughts? Completely insane or has some merit? As always let me hear it. Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. Maybie Heroes of the Storm has the best lore of all MOBAs after all :)