Friday, April 15, 2016

Is Sylvanas Depressed?

Friday. Yes here we are at the end of the week wondering what the weekend is going to bring us. Now I was reading through a bunch of Reader Posts which I was going to pick when I came across this one by Snowraven who has an interesting take on Sylvanas. So sit back and maybe these points will make you think.

Now, at first I thought it's probably not true, but then I stood to think more. What if Sylvanas acts the way she does because she's lonely and depressed?

I mean, think about it:

  • her sister Alleria disappeared during WC2. She was not found in the Burning Crusade anywhere.
  • She was made a banshee by Arthas and forced to kill her people, friends, family. 
  • When she managed to free herself, the feeling that controlled her most was revenge but she saw how humans, blood elves (at that time) disliked her and looked at her like at a freak 
  • She was so lonely she made friends with a dreadlord (who later betrayed her), well, ok, she forced him to be her friend. 
  • She did want revenge but saw how the forsaken are also shunned by their people, their former friends and family, like she was, so she made a faction with them and made an alliance of need with the Horde. Because she wanted friends too and Thrall offered to be friends. But the forsaken were still treated with mistrust and seen as outcasts. 
  • Later on she played a vital part in rescuing the blood elves and inserting them into the Horde as surely her sisters and brothers would understand her, right? But they didn't really, they just saw her as some sort of freak and when she asked for help in her plight to Northrend, Loth'remar first refused her, she had to coerce them into helping her. Why didn't anyone want to help her she wondered? 
  • She made the idea of a plague to finish the Scourge but have it ready to be used against others who would attack her and her forsaken and befriended an apothecary named Farnell who had found an anti-plague but even he betrayed her and ousted her from her city, treating her like a meaningless junk. 
  • In the end, after WotLK, her final goal in life was done. She had killed the one that brought her to this state, now she could finally rest as there was no reason for her to remain alive so she tried to kill herself as she was now depressed, having no point in life. 
  • She saw what awaits her in the afterlife and started feeling fear, in the end it would just be her, alone, cold, in a void of darkness and her pets, those she bunched up together after she thought they felt the same, wiped out by Garrosh. 
  • She came back, but Garrosh forced her to obey him and attack Gilneas. Still, she started raising new friends from graves, but it wasn't really the same. Some of them even betrayed her again and shot her. 
  • She became paranoid when Koltira made friends with Thassarian, what if another would leave her? And this time a blood elf too, who should understand her! So being scared at the thought she dragged him to have a chat with him, so that he'd never leave her. 
  • During the War Crimes novel she reunited with her sister Veressa and was so happy! Finally someone whom she loved! She would feel happy and loved again, and she would ensure Veressa would never leave her and they'd lead the forsaken together like best sisters forever! She'd only have to kill her and raise her as forsaken and all would be amazing again! 
  • But Veressa betrayed her too. Sylvanas was so angry and depressed, she just went to kill animals as she could no longer even cry and she felt so much rage at how lonely she was. 

Think about it? What if the whole "tough spiteful bitch" is actually just a façade and she's just lonely and depressed and she uses the façade to hide that. And she's become so lonely and depressed that she's psychotic, willing to kill others to have friends, willing to force others to be her friends as her pets and constructs are loyal, not like the living?

There you have it this week's Reader Post. What did you think? Is it possible? Guess Legion will tell the tale.

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