Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ask Gauss

Well good Sunday morning everyone. I would like to say I was as shocked as probably many of you when I didn't see the Reader Post up. Apparently I failed at posting the right day and time to release the post. So in regards to that I will probably just make it next week's post and add a little extra from anyone who sends in something this week. To get back to what today is all about, well that is pretty simple, it is Ask Gauss. The post of the week where I answer questions that have been sent to me throughout the week. So why don't we just get right into it.

So what are your thoughts on the recent announcement of the way they will Progressively Nerf Dragon Soul?

Well first of all for those who haven't heard about it here is the official blue post.

During the scheduled server maintenance on the week of January 31, the Dragon Soul raid will become enveloped by the “Power of the Aspects” spell, reducing the health and damage dealt of all enemies in the raid by 5%. This spell will grow progressively stronger over time to reduce the difficulty and make the encounters more accessible. The spell will affect both normal and Heroic difficulties, but it will not affect the Looking for Raid difficulty.

The spell can also be disabled by talking to Lord Afrasastrasz at the beginning of Dragon Soul, if a raid wishes to attempt the encounters without the aid of the Dragon Aspects.

So basically they are combining the idea of Icecrown with the straight idea of nerfing bosses. I actually like this idea better than the Icecrown buff for the simple fact that many raiders got the idea that their abilities where actually much better than they truly were. Why was Ruby Sanctum considered harder? Well because people got into the frame of mind that they were 30% better than they actually were. In this buff idea the encounters themselves become easier without the inflation of damage and healing.

Did you read the big Diablo III post? Are we going to be lucky to see it this year?

I did read it, and I think many people are overreacting to how long such things are going to take to be put into effect. Now all things considered it appears end of April would be the earliest I would ever think we will see it. Now think of it this way, since all that time they had to deal with the Korean Auction house they were able to refine the game. Now I understand the game could have been released in its way, but most of the time we don't get refinements such as these till an expansion and we have to deal with the aches and pains for a couple years. So if it makes it less bothersome and I only have to wait an extra couple months then I am ok with it.

So how many subscribers do you think WoW lost this time?

Honestly it really doesn't even matter if they lost any.

There you have it. Thank you to everyone that sent in a question. If your question didn't get answered on here doesn't mean I didn't read or won't answer it. So keep on sending them in. With that enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. that post was heartbreaking I just want to play diablo