Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pet Battles

So when the pet battles system was announced at Blizzcon I was one of the people that didn't particularly care for it, but didn't object to it being in the game at all. I am still thinking of it in the same light, and I am also not one of the people spazzing out because they are developing the Pet Battles system and not something like player housing.

With all that I was browsing MMO-Champion and it was the first time that I looked and saw everything that was going into the system itself. They are really going all out on it. Also if there was ever any doubt that this is directly related to Pokemon that certainly has been shut down after reading the write up. In addition to all of this and I congratulate them for adding something large to WoW. I am thinking it might actually be too much. When you create a Mini Game within a game you always run the risk of it becoming more people than the actual game itself.

Some games actually have come close to having this as an issue. Where people stopped playing the game and concentrated on the game within the game. I am not saying that everyone is going to stop playing WoW and just partake in pet battles, but I am thinking that some of the population will.

Maybe Blizzard doesn't mind this happening, but it could be that argument that the only thing which will kill WoW is WoW itself. Not by releasing lackluster content, not by horrible balancing, but because they introduced a system that too many players decided they want to play around with instead of the game itself.


  1. Interesitng thought and who knows maybe it would happen, but I really think it is just a flavour thing they are adding. I believe you think the same, but are probably just doing a what if type thing

  2. Your fear is that the people that are already playing the game might get 'lost' in a mini-game.
    While your concern is valid - and I am under no doubt that it will very likely happen with a few people -, my point of view turns towards the players that are not currently playing WoW.

    This is a way to grab the Pokémon audience that have requested a Pokémon MMO for years and have never received a positive acknowledgement of their demand for such a game.
    Blizzard is merely providing what people are asking for.
    And soon the new WoW players will realize that to acquire pets you have to level up a character and complete quests and achievements to add new pets to their collections.
    And soon enough you find yourself with a slew of people that have discovered your game but choose to stick to the Pet Battles.

    It's the same way that some WoWers play only for the PvE experience or only for the PvP or only raid or only RP or do gold-making, etc.
    Some get totally lost in their niche part of the game, sometimes for the bad parts of it, sometimes for the good.
    I don't believe any of the naysayers that think that this might be - yet again - another element that will "destroy the game".
    It's giving players another thing they can spend some time with, and by the reaction of the WoW players that are Pokémon fans, I have a feeling that this system will get its' fervent followers.

    I'm interested to see how it will all play out!