Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You Fail At Knowing Who Is Dead And Who Isn't If...

Oh yes it is that time again it is once again Fail Day, the day where you feel amazing because you are not being poked fun at or you can to crawl into a hole in die because you are someone who is. How I wonder what a week would be like if Fail Day wasn't a part of it. This week I decided to go with an interesting topic. I always get a bunch of WoW questions being Lore related and it seems as of late there have been a lot of is such and such dead. Well now you will get some answers! Time to get to it.

You Fail At Knowing Who Is Dead And Who Isn't If...
  • You think there is this secret plan about Arthas not being dead and has been redeemed and is going to save the world.
  • You at anytime assume a Dreadlord is dead
  • You think Sargeras the biggest baddie of them all was ever killed by some human named Aegwynn
  • You think Magni is dead and is not in a crystal earthly prison
  • You think we won't see Illidan again
  • You think anyone will come back to life more than Teron Gorefiend
  • You believe Ner'zhul is killable
  • You have even considered the thought that Neptulon was killed after the Throne of Tides event
  • You some how someway think Gul'dan lives
  • You believe Sylvanas is dead, no she is undead
  • You think Sylvanas had Koltira killed for the truce he created with the Alliance.
  • You some how got the impressions from the ending cinematic of Cataclysm that the Aspects are going off to die
and finally
  • You believe in some way that Kael'thas being beheaded was merely a setback.
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Talking about Death in Warcraft there is really only one person who you could quote on this

"I was the first you know..For me the wheel of death has spun many times...haha...so much time has past, I have a lot of catching up to do."

Good luck this reset, may your purples be orange!


  1. Hey now a headless Kael boss would be awesome! But in all seriousness I feel one day Blizzard will bring back kael like they did Ony

  2. Mal'ganis is probably going to pop back in the next expansion with the shards of Frostmourne.
    Varimathras will also make a return.

  3. ...I mean the next one after Mists, of course.