Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You Fail At Your Wowalutions If...

Fail Day yes it is here once again, and today is actually the first Fail Day of the year. With all the choices available though I think it was pretty easy what to choose for the years first edition of Fail. Every year you make New Years Resolutions and every year you make the same WoWalutions if you don't write them down, you know they still exist. So what better way to start the Fail Day year then to make peopel feel bad for those choices.

You Fail At Your Wowalutions If...
  • One of them was to kill the Lich King
  • It is to get your first toon to 85
  • Your goal is to be apart of a World First Guild
  • You have the Wowalution above and the New Years Resolution to be more active
  • You are setting the bar low to be better than Bagellord
  • It is to have more friends and you will do this by sex changing your character
  • You are trying to increase your cool factor by rolling a Blood Elf Deathknight
  • You are trying to prove you can play a skillful class so you rolled a mage
  • You want to be respected so you respec'd your pally ret
  • It is to troll trade chat more often
  • You wish to learn to have an entire conversation only using emotes
  • You want to learn how to dive in water
  • You think a turtle mount is an actual possibility
and finally
  • You are in fact Bagellord and you think you can actually achieve something.
There you have it this year's first edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it. And has become custom hear is the first quote of the year by someone we should always remember

"Ish-ne-alo por-ah, may the Earthmother smile upon you."

Good luck on your first reset of the New Year!