Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Fail At Forum Posting If...

Fail Day! Oh that's right it is that time again. Time to make someone, anyone feel horrible for failing more so than anyone else. Yes, I know it truly is a wonderful thing isn't it. This week I went with a topic, which has been asked for on numerous occasions and I finally gave in and I am going to bring it to you. So here goes.

You Fail At Forum Posting If...
  • You have ever made a post of "first"
  • You down vote people because that is how you makeup for all the bullying you had to put up with in school
  • Someone completely shuts down whatever you had said and you have no real thing to say so you just reply with "you mad bro?"
  • A third grade student has better grammar
  • You searched for days upon days to find the perfect forum signature
  • You have to post in every new thread because you feel you owe it to the community
  • You were part of the "sign of beta" crew or the now converted "sign of release"
  • You believe winning an argument on the Internet is something worth your time
  • You were upset during the Real ID fiasco because now people would know you were the one the entire time
  • You write your post in a word processor to check it for spelling, grammar, then proof read it 10 times just because you are afraid what the trolls would say if something was wrong
  • Your ability to quote things is equivalent to Bagellord's Gaming ability
  • You up vote your own postings to give the impression what you typed actually mattered
and finally
  • You make all your posts on a level 1 troll
There you have it this week's edition of Fail, hope you enjoyed it. When thinking of a quote to apply to this one actually came to mind

"The world suffers yet another insignificant loss."

Good luck this reset may your wipes all have purpose.


  1. LOL this was amazing thanks for doing this.

  2. I think you got 98% of people who post on the forums