Friday, January 6, 2012

Your Wowalutions

Friday! Yes it is that day of the week once again. The day of the week where we slack off and stare at the clock just hoping for the day to end so the weekend can begin. Oh Friday's the most unproductive day of the week. Friday though is also the day of the week where here in Gauss land we have the Reader Post. The post of the week where you the readers make it. I ask you a question and you send in your submissions throughout the week. This week I asked you all to send me your Wowalutions. My fancy word for your New Years Resolutions with respect to World of Warcraft. So without waiting any longer let's see what all of you have planned for the year.

My wowalution is pretty simple. I want to level a tank so I can understand why people don't play it. I want to know if it is difficult or if it jsut takes more attention. I just think this will give me a better perspective on the game in general. Something I am actually really looking forward to.

I want to get a legendary or at least partake in one of the questlines. I just think the whole process is something that screams epic. I know funny choice of words for something of the orange variety. I have never had the option, and I am always jealous of those who get to. So I am making it a point that in the next year I get to take part.

To pick a character and stick with it. But I am going to try to cut down on the alts. I have switched mains during every expansion. I swear I have alt ADD. Once I play a new toon it becomes my favourite I will level it gear it up then start another alt and then it becomes my fav. I know it just gets me no where and I always get accused of being a loot whore. 

To take up healing again. I was healing ICC heroic modes at the end of Wrath, but when Cata came out, I went to Ele spec to level, and I left my guild. Since then, I've transferred servers, taken up with a new guild... But I haven't gone back to healing because, well, I've been doing most of my 5-mans in randoms. And then can be "unforgiving" of the returning healer. But I love healing, so, I want to be healing in Raids before the end of the month.

I want to know the lore better. I've been playing WoW for six years, but I haven't paid attention to much of the storyline. I have most of the books because my husband reads them, so I'm going to go back and catch up. So unlike most resolutions I think I can stick to this one.

There you have it the Reader Post for the week. Hope you all for your submissions. As always if they didn't make it into the post it doesn't mean I didn't read them, just have to keep the post so it is not a wall of text. If you would like to take part in next week's post look for the topic during Sunday's Ask Gauss post, until then have a great weekend the first of the new year!

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  1. I agree need to play less alts.