Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You Fail At Complaining About Power Of The Aspects If...

Fail Day that's right it is here once again. The day of the week where I tell each and everyone of you how you can horribly fail. I would never do it in a way which was insulting or made you feel horrible about yourself. Ok maybe I would, but that is beside the point. This week it is all about the "Power of the Aspects" which is the new stacking nerf being added January 31st. So why don't we just get to it.

You Fail At Complaining About Power Of The Aspects If...
  • You have no idea that this isn't the same as ICC
  • You are not aware that you can turn it off
  • You go on and on about the game being easier and yet you will be one of the people that won't turn it off
  • You say this makes the game too easy, and yet you have no un-nerfed heroic kills
  • You replied to the official blue post with "catering to causals"
  • You are of the belief hardmodes should never be nerfed
  • You think this will make players think they are better than what they actually are just like ICC
  • You believe that this will lead to them nerfing PvP
  • You still fail to recognize it can be turned off
  • You want to sound smart and cool by saying just do LFR
  • You believe even if it is optional there really isn't an option. Basically you are the guy that says McDonalds doesn't have healthy food and eats there anyways
and finally
  • You think they could have came up with a better name for it
There you have it, this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it. Since we are talking about Dragon Soul and nerfs I guess many more will hear this be spoken


Enjoy your last reset before the optional nerf.

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  1. lol at the mcdonalds comment so true. it really is like saying such and such made me fat because they gave me free dessert