Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Executor, I Stand Ready

Here we are in the middle of the week and day 2 of the Closed Beta for Heroes of the Storm. Now I know I complained and complained until I got an invite into the Alpha. When I did I just didn't know what to do with myself. Now that I have had a chance to play the game and mess around with a few heroes I thought for those who just got in I would list my favourite Heroes to play for this week's list.

5. Nova

Now sometimes it feels wrong to walk around cloaked all the time and just shooting people in the head, but then I realize she is supposed to be cheap like that. One of my favourite pickups and if you are new to the game also pretty easy to play.

4. Illidan

Everyone loves Illidan so I figured Blizzard would put some good time into developing him. I love his mechanics and although the learning curve for him is higher than most once you get it down he can be very fun and rewarding to play.

3. Gazlowe

I picked him up because I needed a specialist in order to complete my daily. Since I did I have had so much fun playing him. Dropping turrets and lazer beams to the face all day. He may not be the strongest hero but works great with others and is never a dull moment when you are playing with him.

2. Valla

Valla was a free hero for me since I bought the collectors edition of Reaper of Souls. Now I love my Demon Hunters in Diablo and I'd say I love them in Heroes just as much. Just as squishy if not more but the damage output can get pretty crazy. Learn to know your limits with this hero or you will be dying quite a bit.

1. Tassadar

What can I say. I love the Tassadar character from Starcraft and I would have been pretty bummed out if he wasn't awesome in Heroes. I have not been disappointed. There are so many things he brings to the table. Yes his learning curve is higher than most but nothing that a little practice won't help out with.

There you have it my Favourite Heroes thus far from Heroes of the Storm. Now I will say I haven't had a chance as of yet to play them all, but all that sure this list would change that much even if I had. Good Luck in the Nexus to all the new players!

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  1. Nova is pretty badass I must admit. Although I use her on rollerskates