Friday, January 16, 2015

Previous Generation Exclusion

Happy Friday everyone! Now as per the norm Fridays are about getting all of you into the habit of posting. Now I received an interesting request this week from Faeyia about posting a letter to Bioware she wrote in order to get a point across about the lack of feedback for the problems running Dragon Age Inquisition on the XBOX 360. Now normally I would say it is your fault for buying an XBOX to begin with, but I actually was feeling bad about the situation she was in so I decided to make it this week's Reader Post. So have a read and see what you think

I am one of the hundreds of thousands who bought Dragon Age Inquisition for Xbox360. I have always been a fan of not only your games, but of you as a company. I thought you were a company that truly cared about your fans, that you were guided by ideals rather than greed. Sadly, the way you have treated me and other consumers who have turned to you because of the many glitches and bugs ruining their experience of Dragon Age Inquisition, have proved me wrong.
Not only do you ignore threads we have created on the offical forums and on the EA Help forum, you actually blocked me from posting comments on your Facebook page! I wasn't being rude or using foul language. I was politely pointing out that you need to address the many problems with Dragon Age Inquisition for old gen consoles.
We paid the same amount of money as those who bought it for PC, XboxOne and PS4, and we expected to get a fully working game that would give us the high-quality gaming-experience that we have come to expect from you. BioWare, you need to step up and let us know if there will be patches dealing with the problems we've reported having on old gen consoles. If you can't fix the game that is fine too, but at least have the guts to tell us.
Stop ignoring us and start talking to us! Is that to much to ask?  
Best regards,
Lilian Persson (Faeryia)

Was I right or wrong?

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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