Thursday, January 22, 2015

Founder's Pack

So for those of you who didn't know. Blizzard has just revealed you can gain access to the Heroes of the Storm Beta. This comes with the purchase of the Founders Pack. Here is a video they released to tell you how you can access it.

Now with that out of the way many have been asking me if this is wrong of Blizzard to do. Charging people to enter a game which is free to play and in testing. Truthfully they are not forcing anyone to do this . They are giving you the option to get in without your account being flagged. To me this is giving the people a chance for exactly what they asked for. Removing luck out of the equation and giving you a great deal and a mount you can get access to any other way.

If you have a problem with the prices or paying your way into beta. There is a simple choice just don't do it. There is not point in complaining about something when it is completely voluntary. When you do it makes you seem entitled and that crap is owed to you. The game isn't released you can wait for that or for your account to get flagged. That simple. So calm yourself with your Blizzard is greedy charging people to enter their beta. If they let everyone play right now it wouldn't be beta. Things still need to be tested. If you are int he beta hope to see you there if not well eventually maybe I will see you there.

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  1. It is a quick game to play a game that is not yet released. Other MOBAs have done the same thing so no point in people being all over Blizzard for it