Tuesday, January 27, 2015

You Fail At Teamwork If...

Fail Day! Yes that is right it is that time of the week again. Sit back and enjoy everyone's failures just so you have a marginally better day. Isn't it a wonderful thing? This week since I have been playing a lot of Heroes I decided to go into my hatred of those games who just don't know how to be a team player so here we go.

You Fail At Teamwork If...
  • Your concept of Stealth is similar to a Kool-Aid Commercial
  • You spam teammates with "Kill Steal" the entire game if they don't let you get the Killing Blow
  • You tend to state team strats in general chat
  • You give up  your teams position with your ability at taking cover
  • Friendly Fire is your most common attribute
  • Your mouth breathing can be heard more than your voice
  • You rage the entire game if nothing goes your way
  • The adjective which is most often used to describe you is terrible
  • You are awesome because you owned it up in single player
  • Anyone that is better than you obviously no lifes the game
  • You destroy a region just because you wanted to see what a Nuclear Meltdown would look like
  • You kill teammates so you can pick up their weapons
  • Constant tab targeting results in entire zone pulls

and finally
  • You frequently jump off boats

There it is this week's edition of fail. Hope you all had a laugh, pointing some fingers at people, or just hung your head in shame.

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  1. Sounds like everytime I try to play with people I don't know