Thursday, January 15, 2015

Just Catching Up

So I am asked about a lot of things. Gaming related and otherwise, but what I am asked about more than anything else is ESports. Gamers all over have this need to know where to think it is going. Maybe it is peoples drive to want to participate themselves or maybe they just love the competition and want to see more.

Getting ESports to where it is now has already been a huge deal. Gaming is becoming much more mainstream and not just about no-lifers in their basements. Or at least the general public thinking that is the case. Saying you are going home and going to play some video games isn't something people avoid saying now. Everyone talks about what they are playing how they are doing and how they can improve. That is if it is a competitive game.

This is the reason ESports is getting so big now. People can see the best of the best and can actually watch how they can improve how they can get there and what all this practice these pros but in gets them to. Now that big time sponors are getting on board with tournament prize pools over the next few years we might see these ESports participants making 6 figure incomes with millions upon millions watching all over the globe.

This to me is what I hope to see. People who put in the work and being the best at what they do getting paid for the entertainment they provide. Let's face it ESports tournaments are becoming more and more competitive and more and more exciting each and every time. Hell I don;t know the last time I watch an event and was disappointed in the games I was watching.

This is the future and I really believe that what is happening instead of gaming becoming more mainstream it is that the mainstream is the gaming culture. Everyone else is just catching up.

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  1. If people are just realizing that Esports is a good time really sucks that they have missed so much so far