Wednesday, January 21, 2015

When We Lose Our Myths We Lose Our Place In The Universe.

Morning everyone else you are reading this in the afternoon then I guess afternoon. For awhile now I have putting off this list as one I have been wanting to do. One that makes you think about all those games you are playing. Games now it is much harder to have a myth in place because there really is so many ways to debunk gaming myths with simple access to the internet. That doesn't stop me though of listing my favourite video game myths of all time.

5. Shooting The Dog

I am pretty sure everyone hates this dog. Really no one was happy at any moment with this dog laughing at you again and again. Many times you wished you could shoot the dog. Then a rumor started that it was possible to shoot the dog. So yu would try and try again to shoot this dog thinking you were just too slow. Really it just wasn't possible, although in the arcade version of the game it actually turned out to be.

4. Reviving Aeris

Now this is one for awhile that people were hoping was true. That they couldn't just let her die and not have a way of bringing her back. People just have problems letting go it seems wasting all that time leveling her up. The fact of it is unless you use the cheat to keep her in your party there is no way of bringing her back.

3. Sheng Long

Oh the problems which can be caused when something in translated incorrectly. This got everyone thinking there was some secret fight in Street Fighter II where you could fight against someone named Sheng Long. The truth of it all though was supposed to say "Dragon Punch" instead.

2. Play As Luigi 

So in the original version of Mario 64 there was no Luigi. That lead everyone to believe there was some way of unlocking him in the game so you could play the younger brother. There were countless theories but the one which had the most merit came from the engraving above which said "L is real 2401" This was a guess at the number of coins in the game, and you had to collect them all to unlock Luigi. This was actually wrong as there are over 2600 coins in the game. All was fixed though when the game was released on the DS and Luigi became a playable character.

1. ET Landfill

There is a story about a game so bad that there could actually be a landfill in New Mexico with over 1 million copies of the game. This has never been disproven as employees of Atari have never confirmed or denied its truth. The fact that after so long there still is no proof either way makes you think about it, and I really believe until we know more it will remain the most intriguing video game myth.

There it is this week's List. What do you think? Is there one which should be on here that isn't? As always let me know and send in any ideas you may have for lists I should do.

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  1. I thought they found over 700k copies at the landfill?